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Hello there dear. I was randomly thinking of you, so I hope you are doing well! :>

Aw, thank you!

I’m doing pretty well. Went to bed early last night (thus the late response) and spent most of today on the road to see Spidey in IMAX. I live in the middle of nowhere, so I’d never actually been to one before. I wish there had been more action in the first half, because by the time we got to the actual Spider-man scenes, my back was killing me, but I still had a good time.

Oh. And the IMAX is in the middle of a shopping center, right? Well, there was a Borders sitting there, all forlorn and empty from Barnes and Noble buying them out. And I glanced at the sign on the door, then made my dad circle back around to make sure I read it right. “For sale or lease by Stark Enterprises.” I’ll probably upload pics when I’m not passing out tired. Because I had to whip my camera out for proof of Iron Man’s existence (and his sassy gay font choices.)

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I'm glad someone agrees! I thought I was going nuts with that pairing. It's all over my dash like all the time and I just couldn't understand why. I always believed that Thor would be the only one able to give Loki what he needs, equality. That's why I thought it sounded familiar but knew I didn't read it. That sounds so amazing. I'm going to have to save up to buy it. I'm kind of the same way about pirating. I just can't do it. Now I want to replay LoD.

Nope. You must be following the wrong people, because I never see it on my dash. Actually, I do a double-take if I see any het pairing involving Loki. XD

And I don’t know about the equality thing… First of all, I highly doubt that is what Loki wants, precisely because he says it is. And I think homeboy is too afraid of what he’d find if he did any real soul-searching to have any clue as to what he actually desires. I’m more inclined to believe he wants to be Thor’s better over being his equal. Secondly, they are not equals. When Thor’s entire world view was called into question, he was humbled. He learned from his mistakes and became a better person for it. When Loki’s life was called into question, he lost his ever-loving mind and fucked up all the shit. And I don’t really blame him for his actions in Thor, because it is painfully obvious he has nobody to turn to. Thor is exiled for attacking Jotunheim—Loki can’t believe he will act favorably to the news that his brother is a frost giant. Sif and the Warriors Three hold no love for him—they’re Thor’s friends. Odin makes the wonderful parenting decision of passing the fuck out when he is confronted on the issue. And Frigga only compounds Loki’s loneliness by elevating him to acting King while he is trying to work through all of this emotional shit. Don’t tell me she could not have stepped into Odin’s role and done a better job of it. Thor, on the other hand, had support in Selvig, Jane, and Darcy. That support is what it comes down to at the end of the day.

Avengers, though… That is all on Loki. He has support there in the form of Thor. He knows at least some of the truth now, and it doesn’t change how he feels for Loki in the slightest. All he wants is for his little brother to come home. But Loki is too godamned stubborn and prideful to take that offered hand. Because that means admitting he was wrong, admitting Thor is his better, and accepting that all of the pain he has suffered was completely preventable if he had had more capacity for faith. And if there is one thing Loki will never do, it is take responsibility for his own misfortunes.

Thor cannot make them equals. Only Loki has the power to do that. The only thing Thor can do is offer his love, regardless of whether or not Loki has earned it. And he does. He is disappointed in Loki, angered by his actions, and saddened by his madness, but he loves him. Unconditionally. And I think that is what Loki needs, because deep down, he loathes himself. More than he hates Thor, more than he hates Odin, Loki hates Loki. And that may be another reason he can’t simply accept Thor’s love. Because he knows he doesn’t deserve it. It’s just one more way Thor surpasses him, and he resents him for it.

And I always want to replay LoD. Until I actually pop it in. Then the horrible translation punches me in the face and I remember why I never have. Things that don’t bother you at 15 years old… They really just need to remake it, already. Can you imagine how gorgeous the dragoons would be with today’s graphics system? And the FMV’s have held up really well, considering how old the game is.


vomit / no way / don’t ship / ok / fucking cute / adorable / sexy / perfect / flawless / ship forever / i will ship them in hell


vomit / no way / don’t ship / ok / fucking cute / adorable / sexy / perfect / flawless / ship forever / i will ship them in hell

OH MAN you should totally go look at the whole album on facebook. a bunch of sections had themes. the concert master crossdressed as little bo peep and all the first violins were sheep, the french horns were (french) hornets, the oboes were ducks, and more omg they're all so cute facebook[.]com/media/set/?set=a.10151136187466888.451931.71862486887&type=1


…wait a second. PHANTOM OF THE OPERA ON THE ORGAN. Yes, perfect. Why do I live so close, but so far from Cleveland? ;A;

Getting real tired of having to disable Missing E to answer asks. Fuck you, Tumblr.

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I love when you talk about Loki and acknowledge how much of a villain he is (and not some poor baby), js :>

Well that works out splendidly because I love talking about it!

It just seems that there are so many fans out there that identify with hims so strongly that they can never admit any wrongdoing on his part. Which is not only bullshit, but a great disservice to the character.

Yeah, Loki has had some pretty crappy things happen to him. But the true tragedy of his character is not that he is some poor, misunderstood outcast. It’s that he is given so, so many chances to rise above that and become something better, that we can see glimpses of greatness within him, but that he will never ever realize that potential. Because that means admitting he’s made mistakes, too, and he would rather be the only wronged party. (And I must say, he’s done a fabulous job of convincing half the fandom that this is true.)

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About Me: I am AWESOME :D 'Nufff said~ //// Cause you are, and i have no idea what youd say as an about me but no one ever does these things for me and so i wanted to do it for you. pluS THATS WHAT ID SAY IF I WERE YOU, YESS *nods*

Aw, that is so sweet of you. *e-hugs*

Ahaha. I might actually use the “‘Nuff said” line, too. I’ve always loved Stan Lee.


My otp: Thor/Loki. ‘Nuff said.

My most hated pairing: Tied between Loki/Sif and Loki/Tony. I hate the very notion of Loki/Sif. Like, I get that it is the Thorki for het shippers but there is a big problem with it. No matter what horrible things Loki does, Thor will always harbor love for Loki. Sif? Sif has always hated his guts. It’s not a love/hate relationship—it’s just hate. Loki/Tony, on the other hand, is a fandom casualty. I can see them having a sexy, snarky one-night stand. All of the delusional shippers who somehow think they can help each other work through their daddy issues have really turned me off of it. (Tony can’t even fix himself. How the hell do you expect him to fix a batshit cray Norse god who is old enough to be his ancestor?)

My unusual otp:  Loki/Steve. Avoid the redemption fic like the plague, though. I’d much rather see Steve corrupted. I am a bad person.

My crossover otp: Loki/Morgan le Fey. Not the shitty BBC Merlin version, either.

My brotp/friendship otp: Doom/Loki.

Character headcanon:  Oh, I have a ton. Trying to think of one that isn’t more or less fanon. I think I got it! As a kid, Loki saw Sif as a bit of a kindred spirit. He was a boy who took interest in the “feminine” art of magic, and she was a girl who enjoyed the “masculine” art of battle, so they should be able to bond over not fitting into Asgard’s strict gender roles, right? Wrong. It’s still infinitely more acceptable for a girl to want to take up a sword than for a boy to want to take up seidr, so she looked down her nose at him like everyone else. Cue centuries of resentment and surprise haircuts.

A Gif that shows how I feel about the character:image

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Doctor Doom.

My otp:  Doom/Loki
My most hated pairing:  Doom/Deadpool? Is that even a thing? It sounds horrible enough, so that.
My unusual otp:  Magneto/Doom? Not sexually, I just like their interactions.
My crossover otp: I can’t think of anything. I need to get out of the Marvelverse more often.
My brotp/friendship otp: Doom/Reed, Doom/Sue, Doom/Ororo
Character headcanon:  He sleeps in the mask.
A Gif that shows how I feel about the character:image

quick question. how can you choose to be "done" with a fandom? If there is a secret way to do it, you need to let me know. I am not getting enough sleep. Also, please don't quit because of something I wrote. I really just wanted to see what picture she could possibly put with it. Also I like rainbows. Also, and let's be honest here, if Loki were real, and willing to write YOUR name in the snow, in rainbow colors, wouldn't you watch?

Where did this come from? I’m forever finding things in my askbox I have no recollection of receiving.

It’s just an expression. I’m not quitting the fandom. Although I really have had it up to here with it, lately, I suspect that has very little to do with you.

And yes, I probably would watch that, but let’s be fair. I’d also watch a trainwreck. I mean… that is essentially what the Loki fandom is, anyways.